Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

big brushes

this is my big brush phase.
I used to paint incredibly detailed work that took weeks.
To paint a jar of rice would take an entire day. For 10 years i painted still life. i used to paint around 50 works a year and gradually it got down to about 12 works a year, maybe also out of frustration and boredom i got slower & slower. I had an agent who used to take commisssions for these works and companies that expected the same sort of genre, year in and year out. Then after a cathartic horrible acrimonious split with the agent, i painted flowers for 6 months (must have been healing) and then went beserk. Still going thru the beserk phaseand i give my self new challenges all the time. After using small brushes (000,00,0’s) and doing everything perfect i was joking with a girlfirend how it was going to send me blind, so over the years i’d have to start painting bigger and using bigger brushes. That got me thinking. I’ve been trying to get “looser” and free-er with my style.
The Cuban cars I’m painting at the moment I’m ONLY using big brushes, so it’s hazier, loose, kinda bendy, layers of paint which i’m mixing with plaster and sanding back and you get all the under colours coming thru. Rules are always meant to be broken or bent. You can’t be the same day in, day out, ya gotta do something different everyday and i love what i do now, don’t have to do anything anyone tells me to do.
Oh, that’s not true, i do have to do what my kids tell me to do, sometimes……..
the main thing is you have to produce work that you would live with, hang in your house, wear or use. Don’t do things that you think, oh, it’s OK but i wouldn’t hang it my house. I did that for years, let people produce product that I’d be embarrassed about, i was just happy to get the royalties. I guess you have to start somewhere though and that’s the conundrum… you do that to get established as an artist and designer to get to the stage where you can do the work you really like? Maybe you DO have to.

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