Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

wild wet & wintery

blowing a gale here in Sydney. branches and trees down everywhere. grey, bleak windswept water on the bay. finished painting Forresters Beach yesterday and it looks beautiful. it’s very brown & simple compared to most of my work but i’m trying to loosen up and pare down. i had letters from people who’d bought my calendars for years, this year who told me how dissapointed they were that i had changed so much but i had to write back and tell them that some people need to change to grow & improve….as an artist if you never change, experiment and dabble in or challenge your self to try other ways of expressing yourslef, you will stagnate. I NEED to constantly evolve and feel like i’m pushing myself to feel good about my work. When in the past i’ve had to do the same ol’ same ‘ol thing day after day i get depressed, slow and hate what i’m doing.
Anyhow, i might lose fans along the way but at least i’m enjoying what i do. Damien (red bubble)said he’d like to see me go outside my boundaries, which i think i do do…but yesterday keeping that in mind when talking to a client I’ve agreed to do a series of vintage style posters about sports….rugby, cricket etc…..and I hate those sports…the sound (drone) of cricket, rugby, swimming, tennis…et al just puts me to sleep. I don’t mind particpating in sports but watching it for hours on end on TV is a mostly male thing which i’’ve never quite “gotten”. So, there it is, i’ve accepted the challenge. This weekend i’ll try to upload some of my cycling imagery…which is again outside my boundaries and i’ve done well over 40 vintage and modern interpretations. The mod ones are pretty funny, make me pee myself anyway! I write down pages of funny stuff to do…but when i explain them to hubby or friends they all look at me in that raised eyebrow way (what have you been on?).
This morning went up to the inddor pool and swam which was really nice. The outddor pool has been requiring more & more bravery to just get in. So, accepted it was winter and yes, i can go to beautiful heated pool. This Sunday is the Soft Sand race on Manly which is going to test my bravery as well as crap weather is forecast and they’ve sent an email saying they’re building 4 big sand hills along the beach and you have to run up and over the hills each lap. Last year was only 2 and that was hard as the sand is really mushy. If it’s raining and cold as well…..sounds like fun, eh? What a ridiculous masochist i am. Think i’ll blame my friend Dave for this one.
Just have to beat him. Why do we do it? It’s for the big breakfast afterwards and i’ll have a REAL coffee….yeah!

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