Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

Sydney to the Gong ride

our intrepid Apres Velo (we do it for the coffee) team set off fortified with Flat whites from our house 5:30am on Sunday morning, in the rain and greyness we set off on the pilgimage to the Gong with 11,000 other cyclists of all shapes and sizes. Within the hour the rain had gone, blue sky was showing and we hit the Royal National Park
as it became beautiful. What a glorious ride, poor hungover Pete got a flat when he was at the back and we didn’t know…we waited for him at Loftus, with a beautiful view of the coast and at the top of the hills we didn’t mind waiting for him especailly as the boys found a hot dog van. They feasted on trans fats, pigs ears, tripe, salt and god knows what else they put in those frankfurts and loved every spicy moment of it whilst i ranted and raved about the damage they were inflicting on their athletic bodies. No one listens to me. we sailed along the sky bridge, beaches and bike paths and it was magnificent. sat in the sun after finishing, drying out our wet socks, drinking Flat whites again. A train trip back to St Peters, then drive home. Great day, highly commended to anyone contemplating next years ride.
I’m painting another BIG canvas, 103cm wide x 185cm’s long and it’s of Balmoral Beach and is looking great. Maybe having a break from painting is good. I’ve got 3 months now to paint. Going up to Gold Coast for opening of gallery exhibition on the 19th November, Moulton Galleries, they have some of my paintings for the show. I’ll put the ones i’ve finished in at Mosman and Mona Vale Moulton Galleries.
This morning i ran soft sand @ Manly Beach; wet,dark, raining, windy….doesn’t get funner than that, eh? Have entered more adventure races wth Pete, he calls me a freak, but i’m not! He’s the freak, he goes to a wedding every weekend, gets drunk, we pick him up and torture him with exercise until he feels better. When will he learn?
It’s much easier (but still hurts) when you do’t start with a foggy head.

gotta go paint, wasting time again………

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