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Great Nosher

had a great weekend, yesterday, Sunday, did a 15km x-country fun run from Lindfield to Seaforth, then had to take eldest daughter who has grown 10cm extra on leg and arm length to get some clothes to fit her, then took an obsessive road cycist friend Mountain Biking around Manly Dam….hoping to convert him to the joys of bush/dirt biking. He loved it, yeah!
Gave my beautiful Aunty Vicki a painting lesson and she gave me a crochet lesson, she did much better than I……..i ended up with a tangled mess of wool but will perservere. Want to be able tocrochet bits and pieces for painting and also clothing lines. My girl both competed in an Eisteddford on Saturday and that takes up a lot of time…they’re both really cool tappers and they came 2nd which they were pretty chuffed about. Their first time to compete. Next weekend doing a soft sand race on Manly Beach but took the soft option of 9km’s rather than 21km’s. I get bored running laps of anything, need constant stimulation that’s why i prefer bush running. Road running /biking just don’t do it for me.
Painting: doing a big canvas, 1/2 way thru, this is avoidance behaviour for me……..must get to work. This is for my yearly calendar, i also have another image to do for a new cycling calendar. You need 13 images each year…which isn’t much if you’ve been painting, but i’ve been sewing/sampling a lot the past year.

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