Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

they don't make 'em like they used to

Mountain biking; another one bites the dust. Tommy bit the dust on Sunday. straight over the handlebars, hit his shoulder. was shaky, couldn’t breathe, wanted to vomit…in shock. We’d already run the 17km track and were doing it on the bikes.
we had to walk/ride back outta there, we were about 6km’s into the perimatre trail around Terrey hills. he was so brave, obviously in a lot of pain.big deep gash on forearm. we went straight to medical centre and after hours found out he had a broken shoudler which we kinda knew anyhow. BUT next day they found 2 more breaks. he’s so tough…said he wanted to cry but wouldn’t (in front of me). Not too may people want to come training with me now.

Then i had an artist talk down at the Manly art gallery…the organiser had told us by email it was to be a 5min talk. i raced thru one and reckon it was about 5mins….then we had to sit thru 5 more talks each one getting progressively longer.

I’ve finished my sleepwear ranges and now 1/2 way thru the outerwear ranges. Sitting here dressed in some off-cast samples which are brilliant! Love them. My kids love it as they try on all the smaller sized stuff and if it fits…it’s theirs!
I’ve decided i’ll talk to some local galleries when i get thru these samples and maybe book in an exhibition that i can work towards as i have to keep the artwork going and aim to improve and get my, what’s it called??? kudos/reputation built up?

i get up @ 4:40 or 4:45am each morning and by night time I’m completley whacked.
Have cycled this morning for 2 hours and feeling exhausted already. training for the gong ride in November and i’m trying to get an Apres Velo team together…if they can stay in one piece!

walked with a girlfriend last night who is a best selling Author and writers have the same dilemas as artists, of course. Staying motivated, getting attention, selling your work, getting paid etc etc. so, it’s always nice to have a whinge, moan & laugh and try to swap ideas about direction, different ideas on marketing and products. gotta go. Adieu.

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