Sarina Tomchin

Sydney, Australia

Artist / Designer / Cyclst,runner,swimmer / mum. wife. cleaner. cook. taxi driver.

a bit of everything

what’s new? well we’ve got 2 new calendars out for 2008; one is the Apres Velo calendar (can be ordered on or bought at cycling shops) which is all old vintage cycling imagery, pretty cool, the calendar grid is tyre tracks (made by my mountain bike wheels dipped in paint and rolled over paper, wow i get to have some fun! would love to do a mini calendar…could have some fun there) and my normal artwork calendar…..which i guess can be ordered on/ or stockists advised from Both are $10ea.

what’s being made? well, i’m just cutting out summer 08 sleepwear and painting/sewing up the samples. so far have made up 2 really pretty ranges and have 2 more to do. I have fabric repeat designs to do and more placement prints to paint up. My kids are great, they help trim embroideries and are little creative directors of the best kind….“Oh, cooooool, mum!” I’ve drawn up the outerwear range (lightweight denim, tees, dresses) and my marketing partners are down in Melbourne this week at Fashion Exposed selling the winter ranges which are gorgeous. We have to redo our website….which takes so much time! But, stay tuned to see it, the first one is very simple and still only has our first range from last summer on it which goes into stores for this summer!

Breathing hard:My running buddies won the Oxfam 100km race in under 13hours.
we’re just getting our team together for the Sydney to the Gong ride in November so we all have to wear our butts in our our cycle saddles as this’ll be 3-4 hours on the road on a hard seat. Dropped my girls to some friends over at Mosman, so i went for a run around Sirius cove/zoo/Clfton Gardens and back along the bush tracks which have been graded and lovely boardwalks all the way….very civilised for all the Genteel folk of that area (don’t want bush tracks to be, well, you know, like rough!) and the views of the harbour, city and ferries are just so inspirational i want to start painting them right away…but, no…have other work to get thru first.

Stimulation: had 2 coffees today, oh it feels good! Went to art exhibition last night with my girls @ Manly Art Gallery and…well….absolute shite! Never been to a showing where it all stinks, nothing worth more than a cursory glance. The Gallery itself is a really nice space, the band they had playing was fantastic but Red Bubble is SO much more rewarding for time spent looking. I was told there’s a 6month waiting list to exhibit there but i think i may go and talk to the director and get the low down. George Miller was opening the Arts Festival but he had people around him all the time so you can’t just go and meet him. My girls didn’t like Happy Feet so i didn’t want him to meet them in case they told him! They’re very honest.

Listening; really like the new Angus and Juilia Stone, such pretty music.Heard Beautiful Girls live on JJJ the other night and it was great. There’s a new Cat Empire album due out and looking forward to that as i really like their music and creativity.

Now; i gotta sew!

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