new/ old work revisited

As I am half way through this newest paintings , and i am scratching a itch ( conceptually) in this painting that i played with in college.
I rushed to get to the class that I could write a thesis. I was somewhat disillusioned with my major of Illustration and wanted to learn something of painting even though I could not paint or take classes . Soo I studied and began writing on Trompe-l’œil. Further down the line I would have to execute concepts of Trompe l’oeil, I would worry about the fact that i never painted another time . As the powers that be would have decided , I left school before i could start the art part of the thesis so I am playing with it now. Im attempting breaking out of the boundaries of the canvas a bit, . Granted its been done for thousands of years and Im not inventing the wheel but I thought it would be fun. A little cheeky wave to the uptight traditionalist , the tight technique to the illusionist and a nod to the modern sign painters.

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