new/ old work revisited

As I am half way through this newest paintings , and i am scratching a itch ( conceptually) in this painting that i played with in college.
I rushed to get to the class that I could write a thesis. I was somewhat disillusioned with my major of Illustration and wanted to learn something of painting even though I could not paint or take classes . Soo I studied and began writing on Trompe-l’œil. Further down the line I would have to execute concepts of Trompe l’oeil, I would worry about the fact that i never painted another time . As the powers that be would have decided , I left school before i could start the art part of the thesis so I am playing with it now. Im attempting breaking out of the boundaries of the canvas a bit, . Granted its been…

granted i apply to everything ugh

Felt like i hadnt been doing the leg work since august when the very gracious lyman eyer gallery signed and started to rep me.

A Few competitions and galleries for showings here and there and some out on the west coast shows ,, cold calls now and again, and virtual hand shakes. My fools courage has gotten a little comfortable just painting, which,, well is nice, i will admit.
So here i am and am approached with what should and might very well be spam , mail ,, a " call to artists" from well,, www artistwanted .org. I usually delete them, I figure, god they are so greedy and pushy and what if i get accepted , will i even remember i applied ! When i was submiting i kept such crap records of who and when the dead line is and if i had to check the site to see and half the s…

join me on face book ,,, if you like :)

I have been keeping up with posts and trying as best i know to be some what responsible with this new found and given career move. Does it count as a career if your not making money :/ ? lol I tend only to post my nudes and canvas painting here on Red bubble but on my facebook page i post the mural work for clients , the sculpture and the up coming shows . especially if you live in the area and would like to meet up , or just keep up i would love to have you there as well.
I dont even have to know your business on the art page of facebook :0
thanks to every one here who is so nice, this site and the people have really been inspirational to me as i hope i can be to you guys .

im entering a self portrait competition

I have entered a self portrait competition , finally all of these self portraits can be used for something lol. I am not pushy and do not harp on the facebook community , perhaps that is a fault in this business, but we all have such busy lives and , well paintings of myself , already create a misconception without me posting ,, multiple times. Isnt there a site , shameless self promotion on red bubble :)
I would appreciate any votes as i do think there is a " popular vote" as well a juried vote, I have attached the link for anyone interested and can take a minute to click and then click a star from 1 to 5 . Any feed back you want to give here about the competition or the bio is welcome , and ahead of time i say ; tHANKS!!!"
best to every one
“Linked Text” http://tomacevedo.s

my public profile lol

I think i must be adding things to my profile and not even aware, perhaps in my sleep. seriously I know i did not put the framed and matted representations of my art on the main page, and my higher power is good but i dont think he can bother with that. Any Ideas why this is happening . its all good :)


I want to send out my prayers and strength and possibly a collective prayer from everyone here to everyone in Japan and our friends here on redbubble affected by this disaster .

finishing the new painting

I dont know if i should cry or be happy. so long spent on the figures , that are not anything special. adding light sources that did not exist reflecting off skin, shodow to reflect a sunset that was not there. about 10 photo combined to create one, now i know who the photo shop artists feel. then the concept the thing that inspired the painting is the last to be placed , obscuring some of the figure , readjusting the light reflection and just not having my imagination and my hands work, how to convey movement of the spirit, of the energy that connects us with out be cliche or falling back to much on old but building from it. Something to be said about painting a “pretty figure painting” i dont have to worry about fucking that up with concept.
so when its posted, this painting , i would…

new painting in progress

so i shot about 150 photos for the new painting of myself in poses that i had envisioned. Its tough climbing up and down from the dining room table , naked in the winter, much less making sure the subject is in frame ( temperamental model) and that it is what i had in mind.but easier i guess then instructing someone :) , Something narcissistic about viewing pics of myself , at least thats what my ego is telling me as i search thru the images, deleting in a instant those i dont want , and wavering on the ones i do. The subject isnt me anymore , and i can be as critical with him as i want, cant I? just realizing this, my minds state , at the time of editing , i would not talk aloud of the words that come to my mind, and never to someone, thank gods its only me, no?
Down to 4 photos , the…

joy of doin, just doing

I keep looking to attain something. Insight, enlightenment, peace of mind. In some ways i wouldnt mind ,, the ability to paint effortlessly, to speak wisely. To not grasp but to flow , but instead I grasp to flow , naturaly. I guess with all my ,, seeking , breathing, I believe and can tell my self its not for wealth, fortune, fame. If they happen thats well and good, but I do know, anything i do with fear of economic insecurity in mind, will always ,, fall short and lead me away from my spirit. So i just do, One foot infront of the other , do the leg work, the next right thing, check my motives , If I do nothing wrong, if my will is one with the universe, than I can’t beat myself up. and i can trust that what im doing , with that in mind, all will be great and i will not want, for…

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