4th dimension

I named my gallery the “4th Dimension” for where I will go in 7month to one year.
I was hesitated and embarrassed but decided to make an announcement instead of leaving quietly. My excuse for this action is this article will show on my google page.
I was diagnosed Cirrhosis in 48. So I thought I will go in 58 but I have lived almost 20 years. I consider myself lucky. I attempt to let the world know modestly without a big announcement because I want to sell artworks make up for the trip to Japan as my last wish.
I will live, happy, laughing, enjoying, loving until the end of the day:)
I will make a farewell good-by later this year.
My life is the best and having the happiest time of my life at this very moment.
Love to all who comment me, follow me, favorite me, understand me and my works and loving them. I miss all the friends left RB too.

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