We have busy lives and we never have time

We have busy lives and we never have time. But we always have time to be on our phone, watch TV… Stuff that wastes our time and after which we feel like we haven’t achieved anything. We should pursue our hobbies! Read a book, go out with friends and watch a film, play an instrument, play sport… I don’t know, just do stuff that after we have finished doing it we feel we have accomplished something.

But we don’t, right? And that’s the thing, I love watching TV too. Like the most horrendous reality TV you can imagine, I watch. And I guess it’s because it relaxes me, I get so immersed in its weird world that my world disappears for a moment. The problem is after wasting hours I feel a little bit empty, and I have to remind myself to come back to my world and live this moment.

Living this moment doesn’t mean YOLO in its let’s-have-crazy-fun style, although it can mean that. Because if we enjoy every single moment, if we are present in every single moment, that crazy fun will feel amazing.

The problem is normally we want that crazy fun because we are escaping something. And living in the moment means accepting.

Once we accept, then that crazy fun will not be an outlet for something else. It will not be the means to forget something or run away from something that is hurting us. Once we are aware that we are running we can stop running and take a moment to realise and understand ourselves. Then, that crazy fun will be the actual goal.

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