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Mayne Island, Canada

Toby Snelgrove is an award winning photographer living on Mayne Island, BC, Canada. His art is been accepted into the Sidney Fine Art...

California Surfer's Mother's Comments

Hi all … The pictures of the surfer where taken anonymously near Carpinteria, CA. I sent their local paper an e-mail with a picture of her in attempt to locate this ball of talent. Her mother responded and I sent her images you see posted here. As it turns out, her daughter is competing in Austria this month … her note to me is below. If anyone is in the area … get some images and post them … she deserves it.

Hi Toby,
Thanks so much for your generous sending of the photos- they are great additions to Rachel’s portfolio.
In fact, Rachel and I are in West Australia right now after a week in North Sydney where Rachel is competing in her first big professional contests- the pictures are a great motivator and we viewed them tonight as she prepares for the second contest tomorrow.
All the best to you,
Please let me know if you come back through Carpinteria, I’d love to meet you in person.
Warm regards,

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