The lovely and eloquent Rosa Cobos laid down a challenge that I should create a Tarot deck.
Would anyone be interested to commission me to create a tarot card of themselves?

In the Major Arcana there are 22 unique cards in total

The Fool (probably reversed for me… I am a clown after all)
The Magician (1 male)
The High Priestess (1 female)
The Empress (1 female)
The Emperor (1 male)
The Heirophant (1 male)
The Lovers – ( I will need 2 people for this obviously )
The Chariot (1 male)
Strength (1 female)
The Hermit (1 male)
The Wheel of Fortune (This will probably not require a figure)
Justice (1 female)
The Hanged Man (1Male)
Death (1 Male)
Temperance (1 Female)
The Devil (May require 3 people (2 males + 1 female)
The Tower (Possibly 2 people (1 male – 1 female)
The Star (1 female)
The Moon (1 male)
The Sun (1 child)
Judgment (1 female – might need 3 more 1 female, 1 male & 1 child)
The World (1 female)

There are many different translations to the Major Arcana cards but this is one

I will only start this epic task when I have a majority of people to fill the cards… Each card will require the individual to supply high res images of themselves (to which they will give me the rights to use their image) and the commitment to purchase a print from me @ redbubble.
I will investigate the cost of creating these cards as a full set if the interest is there…
Please look at my Zodiac set if you are in any doubt about my images

Love ToastedGhost

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