Orphan Works Bill-Stand Up And Protect Your Rights

There has been much debate about this subject, and when I first became aware of it about a year ago, my research indicated that it might not be a big deal.…

My view has changed, it is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many in the business feel that if this bill passes in the US congress, the rights of your work (copyright) could be robbed from you, and your only avenue will be to sue the entity that used your artwork or photograph. How many of us can afford to sue somebody?

Here is an excerpt form the Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works Blog

“An orphaned work is a work whose author has died or abandoned his copyrights. This bill would redefine an orphan as “a work by an unlocatable author.” This would radically re-define the ownership of private property. This bill, as written, would permit any

How To Embed Copyright Metadata Into Your Images

I just found a great post on how to put your copyright information into your images posted on the internet to help you ensure that someone out there does not steal and use your images.

This is particularly timely information with all the issues going on surrounding the US Orphan Works Bill which is creating a whole bunch of discussion among visual artists and photographers.

Copyright Your Images Tutorial

She uses Photoshop CS4.

Dave The Painting Guy-Live Oil Painting On Line

I just discovered another oil painter on Ustream TV who paints online quite often.

I am fascinated with people who have the moxy to paint online live, and are able to chat with the audience of viewers, and describe what they are doing at the same time.

Plus if you are a painter, you will learn a whole bunch of stuff while you are watching, and you can participate in the chat and ask questions.

You can sign up on his site for regular updates, and also follow him on twitter as well.

Check out Dave The Painting Guy and join in, I think you will enjoy it.

Susan Carlin-Painting Live Online

Three weeks ago I discovered the blog of Susan Carlin
She paints in oils live, almost every week on Ustream for two hours each session. She is primarily a portrait painter who resides in San Antonio Texas.
She is a very warm and friendly lady, and provides delightful commentary and answers questions from viewers online. You will have to sign up with Ustream which is free to join in with the conversation while she is painting.
I love her work, and I find it quite fascinating to watch someone paint live online. I don’t paint in oils myself, but I find her approach to art quite inspiring.
You can also watch Susan’s previous sessions at any time by clicking this link.
To get advance notice of her painting sessions, click on the link to her blog in the first link above, and register for an email up…

Art And Activism

On June 11,2008 The Government Of Canada in The House Of Commons, apologised to Aboriginal Canadians for the abuse they endured as a result of being forced to attend Residential Schools throughout Canada against their will. The schools were run by various churches at the time.…

Today I discovered a 2 hour award winning documentary about one man’s tearful journey to not only discover the truth and facts about this atrocity, but to share it with the world at great peril to his personal and professional well being.

About a year ago I met a 71 year old survivor of a resdential school, and he shared some of his story of the experience and it was horrifying to say the least.

WARNING this documentary is heartbreaking, and will make you cry,.

If you watch the documentary and feel inclined, please

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