Early Drawings-Graphite Pencil

I thought I would dig through years of drawings, and found some that I had forgotten about. I have added four drawings done in the 1970’s and early 1981. During 3 years in the 1970’s I spent many hours filling up sketch books with drawings to please the drawing teachers. They were interested in quantity instead of quality, but a few turned out to be keepers.

The Painter's Keys

Back in February of this year I was searching on the internet for some information on selling artwork online, and came across a link that continues to inspire me in many ways every week.…

Robert Genn, a Canadian artist publishes a newsletter twice a week on a wide variety of subjects related to the art of the painter. The newsletter is called
The Painters Keys
and subscription is free. Each newsletter discusses a new topic, and they range from broad subjects such as creativity, to specific ones such as reading light’s temperature.

Being locked away in the studio can seem to be lonely at times, and the newsletter is a welcome ray of light coming through the airwaves that makes me feel more connected to a vibrant community of artists in a number of countries that are all striving, having their

A Resource for Artists Who Sell Their Work Online

I subscribe to a wonderful Newsletter called Empty Easel
that provides a wealth of information that I consider valuable to any artist.…

Some of the topics include painting tips, articles on famous artists, articles on art movements and art styles, articles on how to market your art, and much more.

I replied to an article titled Are Personal Art Websites the Best Way to Promote Art Online?
and the website owner, Dan, replied to my email quite quickly.

My reply to the article stated that I had good success on Google by submitting my name and URL, and if you typed my name in, it would show up on the front page.

What follows are Dan’s comments and suggestions which I think are very good ideas for those of you out there to increase the traffic to your Portfolio, and to RedBubble as well. Increas

Cosmic Ribbons Magenta and Black Fractal Art - Digital Fractal Image

About a week ago I discovered digital fractal art on RB because I viewed the fractal art of someone who made a comment on one of my watercolors.…

After a few hours of research on the subject, downloading free software, and going through a free tutorial of the software I began a path of experimentation in order to see what potential this new found method of creativity would unfold.

At this point my creations are more “luck” than skill, craftsmanship, or knowledge, however I feel like a child playing with a new box of paints. I have no thoughts about what I want to create, or how it will turn out. My goal is not to create an image that looks like something, but to create an image that is worth looking at. I accept what happens with gleeful abandon as the images change before my eyes with the

Create, Upload, Create, Upload......phew!!

I spent a number of hours today and still going, on creating fractal images with some recently downloaded free fractal image creating software. I love free stuff.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can create from one base image. You can change many parameters like colors, shapes, and far too many more things to mention with the click of a mouse button.

The biggest challenge is when to stop, as they just keep getting more and more interesting as you move along.


“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.” (William Blake)

My friend Dave Edwards (UK artist) shared his thoughts on a very good article by Robert Genn-Painters Keys
in his twice a week newsletter regarding this subject.

I decided to take some Miksang photos this evening at sunset and load the best ones into my portfolio.

Sense Of Community

I log on to RedBubble every day, and am warmed and inspired on a daily basis of the Sense of Community that the website offers me.

My watchlist alerts me to the new works by my favorite artists. I was very impressed and inspired today by a new work by Penny Ewardes and her portrait of her cat done in colored pencils.

I bought a fairly cheap set of 42 colored pencils last month, and have been experimenting with them on different types of paper and illustration board.

Then today I came across another artist, Kat P with a portrait of her dad in colored pencil, truly amazing work!!

RedBubble is proving to be a rewarding and inspiring place to be on the internet world of artists.

The Fix

When I loaded my images into RedBubble on the first day, I uploaded my photographs first and then the watercolors.
I wanted to have my watercolors as the first images on the first page, but re-ordering images is not available at this time.

The fix was to delete the watercolors and reload them.

My First Day On Redbubble

Within about an hour of introducing myself in one of the forums, I received 3 comments about my work by some fabulous artists. The artwork represented on this site is ultra high quality, very creative, and well done.

It is truly wonderful in this day and age to be able to share creativity with people on another continent with the click of a mouse button.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait