View The Sistine Chapel Online

Here is something fascinating I just came accross today if you are a fan of Michelangelo. Via the Vatican website, you can take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel.

You can zoom in/out by using the buttons in the lower left hand corner, or your mouse wheel.

To view the ceiling for instance, click on the “M” Change mouse move mode, then hold down your left mouse button and scroll up out of fram, and you will see the ceiling

It is a bit trick to get used to, but you can get very close to each painting and the resolution is very good.
Visit The Sistine Chapel

FREE Public Domain eBooks from Project Gutenberg

I wanted to share a good post from the art blog Making A Mark about free ebooks that are in the Public Domain from Project Gutenberg.…

The book that Kathryin wrote about was called The Practice And Science Of Drawing by Harold Speed.

The books are published in .epub format, and although the Project Gutenberg has a reader, what do you do if you want to read it off line after you have downloaded it?

You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free, but after install they ask for a Adobe username and password. I did not go throught the process of doing that.

If you are a Firefox user (like me), then you can download an add on called EPUBreader and I found this to be a much more friendly option. Using this you can download the .epub file, and view it in Firefox by just using “File Open”

Here i

New Creataive Commons Application for Facebook Users

Hot off the press thanks to the Plagiarism Today Blog you can now add a Creative Commons Licence of your choosing to your Facebook profile.

Author Jonathan Baily goes into detail of where to find it, how to apply it, and exactly what it covers with his very astute opinions of it’s limitations in the current form.

Check out"Creative Commons On Facebook": and try it out.

I have added it to my Facebook profile and it only took a couple of minutes to do-easy peasey!!!!!

FACEBOOK backs down and reverts back to old TOS

I just got a Tweet from Leo Laporte that Facebook has backed down and is changing back to it’s old Terms Of Service until a new one can be written with input from experts in the industry, and Facebook users.

WOW was that fast or what? Proof that with the input (complaints) from thousands of people, we can change things.

Update On Terms by Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Bill Of Rights And Responsibilities Group

I want to thank everybody on Redbubble who commented and gave thier input and interest to my first post.

FACEBOOK now owns copyright to your content that you post on Facebook

What? How did that happen?

In February 2009 Facebook changed it’s Terms Of Service, that advises you that they now own any content forever that you post to your account, even if you delete the work, or delete your account.

I just found out about this last night after reading a blog post on the issue.
Zuckerberg On Who Owns User Data On Facebook

After reading this, I deleted my photos and artwork and a bunch of other stuff.

If you are a Facebook user, stand up and express your opinion. How?
Become a fan of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and express your opinion about this change.

In my mind, these changes to the TOS are absurd and devious.

Orphan Works Bill-Stand Up And Protect Your Rights

There has been much debate about this subject, and when I first became aware of it about a year ago, my research indicated that it might not be a big deal.…

My view has changed, it is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many in the business feel that if this bill passes in the US congress, the rights of your work (copyright) could be robbed from you, and your only avenue will be to sue the entity that used your artwork or photograph. How many of us can afford to sue somebody?

Here is an excerpt form the Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works Blog

“An orphaned work is a work whose author has died or abandoned his copyrights. This bill would redefine an orphan as “a work by an unlocatable author.” This would radically re-define the ownership of private property. This bill, as written, would permit any

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