Orphan Works Bill-Stand Up And Protect Your Rights

There has been much debate about this subject, and when I first became aware of it about a year ago, my research indicated that it might not be a big deal.

My view has changed, it is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many in the business feel that if this bill passes in the US congress, the rights of your work (copyright) could be robbed from you, and your only avenue will be to sue the entity that used your artwork or photograph. How many of us can afford to sue somebody?

Here is an excerpt form the Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works Blog

“An orphaned work is a work whose author has died or abandoned his copyrights. This bill would redefine an orphan as “a work by an unlocatable author.” This would radically re-define the ownership of private property. This bill, as written, would permit any person to infringe any work by any author at any time for any reason – no matter how commercial or distasteful – so long as the infringer found the author sufficiently hard to find. Since everybody can be hard for somebody to find, this voids every rights holder’s exclusive right to his or her own intellectual property as required by the U.S. Copyright Act. It creates the public’s right to use private property as a default position, available to anyone whenever any property owner fails to make himself sufficiently available to any would-be user.”

Get yourself educated, stand up for your rights.
Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works Blog

Email Barack Obama to veto the bill if it crosses his desk

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