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I subscribe to a wonderful Newsletter called Empty Easel
that provides a wealth of information that I consider valuable to any artist.

Some of the topics include painting tips, articles on famous artists, articles on art movements and art styles, articles on how to market your art, and much more.

I replied to an article titled Are Personal Art Websites the Best Way to Promote Art Online?
and the website owner, Dan, replied to my email quite quickly.

My reply to the article stated that I had good success on Google by submitting my name and URL, and if you typed my name in, it would show up on the front page.

What follows are Dan’s comments and suggestions which I think are very good ideas for those of you out there to increase the traffic to your Portfolio, and to RedBubble as well. Increasing the traffic provides benefit to all of us in the long run.

Hi Terry -

Yes, PayPal works well for artists. The only problem is integrating it nicely. Some artists do that better than others.

As far as finding yourself with searches, RedBubble seems to be doing well with Google results. What you might try to do is target some key words for your artwork in addition to your name.

I know RedBubble has a journal/blog feature that gets picked up by Google, as does the description of your artwork, so make sure to write detailed descriptions of your artwork wherever possible.

Also, you might title your artwork like this:

Cosmic Dust: Blue and Gold Fractal Art

Because Google takes titles seriously, and if you’d like to be found for terms such as “fractal art” or “digital art” you should put those in the titles, right after the ACTUAL title of your artwork.

Or. . . for every artwork you upload, write a blog post about it. That would allow you to give more detail, and put more keywords into the title of the blog post.

Just to show you how your blog is already TRYING to work for you, type this into Google:

Create Upload Phew

Those are the “keywords” you’ve put into your latest blog title, and you’ll see that Google will bring up your profile on RedBubble first because of it.

Now imagine if you wrote a new blog post and titled it:

Gold and Blue Fractal Art: Digital Artwork by Terry Krysak

You might start getting searches for those keywords instead. (And see how you can include both “art” and “artwork” in case people search for one or the other…)

These were just some random thoughts as I looked at your RedBubble profile, Terry. Perhaps they’ll help a little bit.

All the best,

Another excellent article on EmptyEasel is 7 Tips For Selling Your Art Online

I hope that you find this information useful, and encourage you to sign up for Dan’s newsletter and start enjoying the benefits right away.

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