Cosmic Ribbons Magenta and Black Fractal Art - Digital Fractal Image

About a week ago I discovered digital fractal art on RB because I viewed the fractal art of someone who made a comment on one of my watercolors.

After a few hours of research on the subject, downloading free software, and going through a free tutorial of the software I began a path of experimentation in order to see what potential this new found method of creativity would unfold.

At this point my creations are more “luck” than skill, craftsmanship, or knowledge, however I feel like a child playing with a new box of paints. I have no thoughts about what I want to create, or how it will turn out. My goal is not to create an image that looks like something, but to create an image that is worth looking at. I accept what happens with gleeful abandon as the images change before my eyes with the different choices that are available within the software.

A contact of mine outside of RB in a joking manner said that fractal art was cheating.

I wonder, how will people view fractal art 600 years from now?

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