Archaeological Theories of Relativity

My husband and I get into some rather amusing conversations when we receive our subscription to Archaeology Magazine and our most recent musings were no exception. We had also just watched a National Geographic DVD about archaeological digs in Egypt, they were describing the urns that held the organs of the mummies separate from the body and we began naming all the bodily organs that would be missing from ‘today’s’ humans. The archaeologists of the future will find it rather odd that humans would be missing tonsils, appendixes, gallbladders, breasts, ovaries, prostates, livers, kidneys and wombs.
As we ventured further into the dialogue of future human spirits contemplating their human ancestors’ choices, we delved into the lack of necessity to embalming or preparing bodies for preservation, I recalled a conversation with a mortician colleague of mine, several years ago, she mentioned that she could tell when someone ate a lot of artificial sweeteners, flavors or colorings as it acted similarly to embalming fluids on the person’s organs and she didn’t have to use as much.
Our antics in truthful humor about the ‘human condition’ became a bit more ridiculous when we discovered remains of augmented humans, finding saline-filled discs in the chest cavities of women, strange metal piercings in the most unusual places compared to our previous tribal characters, as well as plastic, titanium and metallic implants in place of bones, joints and vertebrae. There are also the pectoral, chin and buttocks implants used for cosmetic enhancements. What would our future archaeologists think the purpose or usefulness of these choices made was?
For eons, humans have consistently dug up the past to change the speculations of myth and legend-makers of old. They have negated scientific research that said humans have been walking, painting on cave walls and telling stories for centuries beyond original calculations. These ‘savages’ even performed surgeries, moved mammoth stones into monumental observatories and manipulated metals and stones into beautifully crafted artifacts, treasures and tools. Questions of evolution, declines or disappearances of civilizations and interference from other worlds add to the mystique of interpretations of hieroglyphs, papyrus writings, cave paintings, petroglyphs and other ancient writings unearthed from the graves of homo-sapiens that walked before us.
In the totality of all these known objects and phenomena, somehow we have separated ourselves from seeking or discovering the truths that we share with the Earth and/or Nature, the developmental stages of differentiation with beliefs that we’ve ‘originally sinned’, separated from others’ with judgment, and that our ‘spirit’ or soul rarely surfaces, as we fail to recognize our surrounding environment or its significance. We share its cratering stages, allowing bombardments of fear, anger and resentment from our sphere of influence. We share its flooding stages by allowing our emotions to decay, rot, and fester into behavior and actions that explode and affect all in the path of destruction. We also share its surface evolution process by constant movement, erosion and adaption.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – the words spoken over the graves of humanity in every language, relates our structure and creation to the Earth and we, like the Earth, can develop and produce abundantly while supporting life’s nourishment. Differentiating and perceiving our connections with, not against Nature. Creating a ‘space’ within, impacting on our own personal strength or force and not taking ‘personally’ societal attacks. Degenerating the ineffective state of consciousness where feelings are actuated by conduct and purpose. And, in our evolution, we can develop a structural model which can wear away or detach from outside influences which previously conditioned our responses. We could improve our exterior boundaries and appearances while processing a formation of values based upon the erosion of change and adapting to select choices.
As humans, we have chosen to augment and/or remove precious, useful organs from our Earth and our own bodies. The Earth is a living being, her bones are the sea beds, mountains and plains; her blood, the waters running through the rivers of her veins; her breath, the winds; and, her skin the trees- Reflective of our interdependence of the parts which compose every organism, situation or relationship. Our beliefs and preconceptions are the lenses through which we observe the world – which in turn will speak to us in the language that we provide (destructively violent OR nurturing). Looking within nature, we perceive ourselves. Understanding our cellular existence in form, we begin to balance the plurality of all life by fulfilling (accepting) our destiny, not turning down the gift of free will, but using it for the good of the whole.
According to many observing humanity as evolving to the next level of consciousness, beyond EGO and united in resolve, our hearts and spirits as one – unified to heal the planet that we call “Home” so we may long dwell with acceptance and agreement for our future generations to thrive.
My ultimate conclusion of thought is that I’m hopeful that future ‘human spirits’ will find no need to dig up the dead and buried, for science, medicine or artifacts – that said, it is more ironic that my wishes for death internment are to being cremated. To know humans are to love them, and most certainly learn from their actions – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

©T.K. Rosevear

Archaeological Theories of Relativity


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A musing to ‘change’ the perspective of guarded, closed and/or confused minds and hearts anywhere and everywhere…Our, "R"evolution depends on it.

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