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Forest Friends Creative

As some of you will see my company is slowly growing.
I have my first Wedding booked in at the end of May, and a meeting with Bride & Groom next week to discuss all the formalities in detail.
But it could be very soon, that a new member could appear in my small company.
I have a young lady who has done a bit of photography at School, and today she emailed me some copies of her work, and I was very impressed with some of the things which she has done, so its quite likely that if shes free on my first Wedding, she’ll be acting as my support / assistant photographer & we’ll use this day to test her abilities.
If she passes with flying colours then it looks like Forest Friends will have 2 photographers, which will come in so handy for all future events & Weddings.
Just thought I’d share that with you………..
Enjoy the rest of your day folks.

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