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Busy little Bee

Hey there Guys & Red Bubblers………
As you know i’ve been spending much less time here recently and no I am not writing from beyond the grave, I am still very much alive! lol
Things have been a little busy for me here in Bournemouthville, the Southernest part of the coast in UK.
Recently I been working hard on band photography, a few private parties, and mainly promoting my company here.
i’ve had some really great news recently as i’ve been recommended through a new contact of mine here, and am going to do his friends Wedding in May.
So if one phonecall wasn’t enuff yesterday to stop me from jumping around like a flea all day, I also received another enquiry to do a Wedding just before this one.
Fingers crossed, that this person too, will acquire my services & be blessed on his Wedding Day with my smile, and professional approcah.
To be honest……..
i’ve never done a wedding before, but have happily taken shots as a guest in the past & compiled a video for the couple, but this is going to be a major turning point in my career, and its alot of responsibilty.
I’m use to taking normal shots of people or candid shots of bands etc, but this is a special day for people & only one which can be remembered through the images taken, rather like a storybook, each picture depicting every emotion from family & friends.
I’m rather looking forward to this…………
I’m sure I might be a little nervous on the day, but i work exceptionally well under pressure, and because the guest lists are quite small, will be quite a cosy wedding on both occassions.
So with a few Events coming up this year, and my persisting ambitious attittude to succeed in what I do, this year looks like it could be getting better for me.
After spending the past couple of years, building my portfolio, and trying most things, finally I am going onto better things.
I have also been approcahed by a well known band, to possibly cover their 4 day tour in the UK, and am now now waiting to hear back from them as they are touring in the USA currently.
I’ve also got alot of other things up my sleeve for this year, and so my website will keep displaying many different things, I love variety!
New friends are putting in good words with people for me, and slowly I am getting more noticed, so all is good in my world.
Hope everyone here is happy, and if you get a minute check out my latest pictures of a band which I photographed the other eve on my band photography page.
The band is called Lady Winwoods Maggot & they ROCK!
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