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Flowers on Cards Wanted

Right Guys, I know there is an awful lot of you Guys here on Red Bubble who are absolutely fantastic with your macro photography & pictures of flowers.
i have seen some astonishing pieces recently.
I been chatting with a couple of florists around my local area here & I reckon there is a possibilty for some of you to get your work sold here.
The cards I have seen these people selling are no where as good as some of the stuff I have seen on here.
If you’re interested in getting some of your stuff sold in the UK or dorset area, I am happy to promote your work. You will need to supply me with the product & all sales will be based on sale or return.
Please remember that florists sell for all occassions so if there is to be a message, then it must be something related.
If you are interested in this, please send me a bubble mail………..
i’m not saying I can make you rich over night but there is possibly a window in which you can sell more of your work, and get higher sells from RB.

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