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Started my photography learning curve in 2005. After falling in love with the DSLR. Proceeded with 2 years in Motorsport, covering...


I dont know how many of you, actually even bother with the competitions or not…… but I’ve noticed that while some groups say that their moderators are excluded form entering into the competitions, other moderators are entering, but in any competition usually done it is standard practice that anyone related to running it, does not enter.
I think this sort of thing could really put people off…….
I know that some people have told me that they cant be bothered with them at all, cos it dont seem like a fair practice but I am kind of confused as to why is there no set rules about this by Red Bubble.
I know that people starting groups up to have to adhere to certain rules set by Red Bubble, but what those rules are I havent a clue…….
Can anyone enlighten me?
Cos I am getting put off entering……… esp where the moderators are winning them!
Surely acting as a moderator is like becoming a member of staff, and how many admin peeps at Red Bubble are entering their own competitions? lol
It don’t happen! lol

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