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Started my photography learning curve in 2005. After falling in love with the DSLR. Proceeded with 2 years in Motorsport, covering...

How to add links to other Photographers / Artists

Everyday I am being asked the same questions by members on Red Bubble……….

How do I do this?……………..

So rather than keep repeating the same answers each time to each individual I have decided to post it here, to free up my time! lol

This is how you do it……………..

Well if you want to know how to do it ,,,,,,,,,, its like this

Go to edit profile

Go into your writing section

and add this:

( “Forest Friends” : )

When you copy & paste it into your profile please make sure to remove the brackets!
If the brackets are in, it wont show up as a link

REMOVE the brackets lol


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