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Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Started my photography learning curve in 2005. After falling in love with the DSLR. Proceeded with 2 years in Motorsport, covering...

Thank You Everybody!

I just want to give a special thanks to all of you.
You really have touched me & I hope that maybe I have a left a print on your heart, which is priceless too!

A special thanks to all my friends & those who view my page……………

My new friend Jill in USA wrote this………… so sweet!
Brought a little tear to my eye.

gcadena wrote you a BubbleMail about 8 hours ago:

Everybody, There talking about this cool lady, full of life and spirit. Peppy and Lovable.
You girl are a Dreamer, like me…..Your only limitation is your imagination. Reach for the stars girl! You never know when you just might catch one.

yeah I’m a dreamer, a big one who has a massive passion for all living things, new experiences & life!

Had a lot of pain but now finding alot of love!
I have read peoples Journals & looked at so many wonderful works of art & thought Wow……….. its like I’ve been asleep *& and then suddenly woke up in Heaven.
People inspire me, amaze me, and I hope I being the same.
Bless all of you!

Photography is not just an image……………..
It becomes A Moment In Time.

Thank you…. All of you : o)

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