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Started my photography learning curve in 2005. After falling in love with the DSLR. Proceeded with 2 years in Motorsport, covering...


Its pretty amazing I think how many of us, have come to love this community in such a short space of time, only a few days here, and already I feel myself being drawn in by the magnetism and sheer warmth.
How will I cope when I begin my studio work in the next coming months?

I work very long hours as it is, and I can see this becoming highly addictive!
Its a great place nonetheless & the sheer enthusiasm I see by so many is pretty amazing.

I should really say a little more about myself, and although I wrote a book a few years ago, find very little time to relax and let the creative writing side through now.
Maybe thats because I am always sat pushing buttons on a laptop or computer or out helping promote businesses & just adding new things to websites.

Well heres a little background on me, but dont wanna bore you guys.

I been photographing motorsport for the past 2 years, but always had a fascination with photography all through my life, The few customers that have purchased prints, have been well impressed and only last year I started messing around with cut & paste in photoshop. I’m self taught on photoshop, camera & website building. 3 years ago I knew nothing, but am learning everyday.

I am about to embark on a new adventure and that is the ever increasing field of studio photography, with an imagination like mine anything is possible, but funds have always restricted me.
Once i’ve funded myself enough, I intend on travelling the world, not all in one go mind, but crossing the seas, in search of those adorable images.
My list to do:
Victoria Falls
South Austrailia
New Zealand
Brazil & so many others.
I’ borrowed my camera of my mate, to do what I have done.
But wish I had realized my dream many years ago, when money was slightly more abundant.
Setting up as a freelance, has been hard work, but I know give it time, it will pay off.
I’ve already done some nice calendar shots on location with a couple of models & am hoping to expand my portfolio with car / motorcycle & all studio work.
I’ve waited many years to be in this position, and will continue to learn more, design more, and grow more with the world and resources around me.
I’m thankful for being part of this community & want to wish you all a very happy day today!
Should anyone need any help with anything, I will do my best to assist.

Have fun today guys, I’m single but still looking lol

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