5/17/09 - My Week in Bubble

Another great week of photography for me as I was able to attend our local Lilac Festival and I will have some great picks up as soon as I can get them cataloged! From Tulips to Lilacs, that is the way in works in Rochester. Next up will be roses in June! : )

My week’s surprises consisted of another Top Ten Finish for my photo “A Face in the Crowd”! This is the second time this photo placed in the Top 10 of a challenge event in the “Odd One Out” group.

Second I received another feature for a new work, “Alone in a Sea of Merlot”, also in the Odd One Out group.

Thank you to the moderators of the “Odd One Out” group for supporting my photography!

Have a great week everyone! Yours in Photograhy, Tina

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