Sweet New Swag

I’m back in action with a fresh, not-at-all-frayed brush pen and a new drawing series underway! Lately I’ve just been in the mood to draw animal skulls; probably because animal anatomy isn’t usually in my wheelhouse and I’ve been dying for something to put my attention on since the AC in my studio conked out and forced me to turn my sleeping space into my working space (isn’t that just how summer goes?).

This is going to be a short series of 5-6 pieces (barring any requests for particular skulls), listed below:

  • Love Kitty
  • Lucky Ram (who should be up before the end of the night)
  • Queen Crow
  • Dreary Deery
  • Sweet Bun

Other updates to the store will include fan swag for my comic Death Drives a Cadillac, and miscellaneous pretty things that just so happened to turn out alright. Hope y’all enjoy, and stick around because we’re just getting started!

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