I'm Ready

This is my year. I feel it! I believe it! I am so ready for it!! Been a single father for 16 years now. 16 years!!!! Wow, I could write page after page on those 16 years. First entry being…. “16 Years, where’d they go?”I am happy. I truly believe I have always been happy. That’s just who I am inside. I know people (family) have seen me frusterated, beaten down a time or 2. But happiness hasn’t been beaten out of me, not even close. After~all, I have 2 amazing kids to remind me everyday of the good work I have done. But now, their old enough to fend for themselves, for the most part. And in a blink of an eye will be out on their own (maybe). :-DAnyways, I am ready to take focus on my life again. I have many talents, and one of them is holding my claim to fame, so I believe. This year I am going to push forward at every door I see cracked, and see where life, and my talents take me. So if your looking for a photographer to grace the pages of your nature magazine, or poems or writings to take a page or 2 in a book or magazine, I would so love to have my chance to remind the world what life is truly all about. If thats the case, I’m your man.

I hope you enjoy what I bring to redBubble. I look forward to hearing from people here.

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