Poodles in Thomy Mayonaise

Last night I dreamt that I made a trip to a supermarket that bore no discerning familiarities to any supermarket I had visited before. There were no queues. At the counter I noticed jars of Thomy mayonaise in various sizes. Seeing that I had visually surveyed the mayonaise the lady at the counter solemnly informed me that this brand of mayo included mashed up poodles. I was aghast and insisted that she was incorrect. However she maintained her stance. I then told her that I recently purchased a Spoodle puppy and would indeed prove her wrong. If I ever return to that supermarket, I will happily disprove her allegations.

I went to a trivia night last night. One particularly frustrating question was to name a word with five consequetive vowels. I wrote the word ‘QUEUE’ on my notes and disappointingly counted merely 4 vowels. The correct answer was ‘QUEUEING’.

As I said earlier, there were no queues in the supermarket isles. Mayo anyone?

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