Real Life and Reputation Vs. Cuddly Cats?

When I studied photography, many of my teachers would share with myself and fellow students why a photo didn’t quite work, what would help, be it little or large. No-one on redbubble offers any constructive criticism. It’s a little bit ‘Disney’. I wouldn’t go slit my wrists if some-one suggested an alternative appreciation of an image i’d captured.

I suppose it’s a little like “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” However, I don’t think you are a bad person for suggesting that a picture of someone’s fucking pussycat should maybe not ‘cut it’ on a website that claims to be an ‘Online Artistic Community’.

Reputation Anyone?

New York, New York

went to an arcade fire concert at radio city music hall two nights ago. was fucking brilliant. When i took a toilet break at intermission, saw David Bowie sitting two rows behind me. I felt giddy.

On my way back to Brooklyn, i learned the hard way that the subway changes its rules after 10pm, and i enjoyed!! whizzing around manhattan sub terra firma for two hours. I know now. he he

Not from here, just long holiday, with lots of snaps.

Living in Brooklyn

Get the fuck outta here. Since i’ve been in New York, I’ve heard this about fifty times. Stayed in Manhattan for a week. Now i’m in brooklyn. Mad mad mad. Just went to the Museum of Modern Art today. Of six floors, i only got thru three in 3 and a half hours!
Manhattan is like visiting willy wonka’s factory for a photographer. The architecture and people are just begging to be immortalised (as if it hasn’t been enuf!) 24/7.

Only gripe at all. Very bloody expensive.



Horse walked into a bar. He was called Horse since he was three years old for his immediate affinity with a particular pony at his father’s hobby farm. When he first ventured into the paddock that housed Tutti-Frutti, the prized pewter Pony of Harry’s Hobby farm, the pony bowed to Horse, instantly suggesting its servitude. Patrons at the time gasped in amazement at the little child who casually stroked Tutti-Frutti’s grey mane before the pony rose and belted out a loud grunt of what could only be constued as satisfaction.…

“A pint of Coopers Dazza mate.”

“How are ya Horse me boy?.”

‘The fucking farm’s going under mate. No one wants to play with real animals anymore. A mate told me there’s a fucking computer game that you look after a puppy as it grows into a dog. A fucking computer game!"

evil lives on brandon street

She got me again tonight. I was walking Elwood, my dog, when to my chagrin I spotted her leaning against her letterbox.…

There’s an elderly lady that lives two streets down on the corner. When I would walk my dogs, William and Elwood (William has since passed), her fixed mind triggered by Willy’s golden curls, she was compelled to discuss Simon and his similarity with her deceased husband. Though she is still unaware they are now more in common than her mind has established. Simon is dead. Her husband was an engineer with yearnings to practice medicine, whereas Simon had studied medicine for several years and then began an engineering degree.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a kinship with most elderly people. This simply stems from my seeing the elderly as ageing vessels with

Poodles in Thomy Mayonaise

Last night I dreamt that I made a trip to a supermarket that bore no discerning familiarities to any supermarket I had visited before. There were no queues. At the counter I noticed jars of Thomy mayonaise in various sizes. Seeing that I had visually surveyed the mayonaise the lady at the counter solemnly informed me that this brand of mayo included mashed up poodles. I was aghast and insisted that she was incorrect. However she maintained her stance. I then told her that I recently purchased a Spoodle puppy and would indeed prove her wrong. If I ever return to that supermarket, I will happily disprove her allegations.…

I went to a trivia night last night. One particularly frustrating question was to name a word with five consequetive vowels. I wrote the word ‘QUEUE’ on my notes and disapp

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