Upcoming work

I already have my own photos site that I have been running for several years.

I didn’t really know where to start with featuring work on this site as I have taken so many photos.

The mosaic series is all new work made especially for this site as I wanted to go in a different direction and create something that you need to have an actual copy of to appreciate.

I started with Melbourne punk band the Twits as I have been going to see them since 2001 and had a large amount of source photos to use.

Depending on the number of photos I have of them, I will be doing one-off works for individual performers such as Bob Log III and others.

Melbourne BBQ Day is a major event each year so I wanted pay tribute to it. I made about 15 mosaics, but only ended up using 6 of them.

The Community Cup is another major social event in the Melbourne music scene so I wanted the series to reflect that. It has so far, having required 16 hours of computer processing time to produce.

I am used to leaving the computer on overnight, but I will have to resist the temptation to get up and look at the works in progress in the future as I didn’t sleep to well this week.

Other artists to be featured include:
Trish Anderson
Sarah Carroll
Suzannah Espie
Gleny Rae Virus
The Re-mains
The Detonators
The Hybernators
The Town Bikes (under negotiation)
Sarah Lea Cheesecake
Burlesque in Melbourne

Plus more when I think of more ideas.

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