After Midnight

Stolen from the witching hour
the lake had taken my soul
Destiny’s dwelling place
built of spirits’ nemesis spell caste
Through mysterious guilt
forbidden nature of an eternal stranger
By moonlight’s screen light and subtle hums
a ticking light controls my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes
but electric bonds are for fools
Seasons of the witch from the silver swamp
in a color haze cold from the hidden sun
Angels of darkness longing to see demons of light
who pretend to cry when dreams fly
Wonderment teases wings in flight
whose obsessions are trapped in this hole
Twinkle bedazzle with rings of delight
a fantasy with foudroyant roles
Like abiding songs from the sky
that imagine to sigh when dreams fly
So mirth and glee will come to thee
as fun and games in time will be
When we emerge from the lake’s
enduring black hole

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