I am so greatful!

I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that has looked, commented, favorited, and featured my work! It has been 30 days since I start my RB account and I am so greatfull for all of those that have enjoyed my art work!

I recived the honor of being featured several times and I have sold a few things!! I can count the nuber of favoritings that I have had and a ton of people have looked at my work! But most of all I have had alot of fun!! When I started this account I never thought that I would enjoy it so much!

I wanted to tell everyone…. that alll of the art work that have looked at has be amazingl! Everyone has such creativity and talent.. Everyone has been such a inspiration to me and I am truely greatful for all the encouragment!!!!

Thank you so much!

So, thank you to everyone for all of the great support!

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