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Tiffatron is a graphic designer & illustrator from Australia, inspired by Japanese pop culture, fashion, colour, rainy days and...


guilty little pleasures::: the process

Hello there! So a few people have asked me lately how my work is created and what processes i go through to create it. Here is a little insight into how I work… for those that are interested. If you’re not, here are some alpaca facts xx…

Photoshop CS (yeah i’m a bit behind the times..!)
illustrator CS
nikon coolpix S560
Wacom graphics tablet
Canon scanner

An idea for a piece usually starts with spotting something in a magazine, book, or online that inspires me… sometimes it’s nothing like what i end up with but inspiration is a fascinating thing, the way it can spark up your brain in a completely un-related way. With this particular piece i was inspired by bat for lashes ’what’s a girl to do’ film clip, as well as a picture in a magazine i saw of a girl with a box for a head..and

First Splatter Group CHALLENGE ::: Tokyo Splatter! ♥

drum roll please……………….. DN DN DN DNNNNNN

The Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip group is pleased to announce its first ever challenge!

Tokyo Splatter ♥

Splattery, drippy goodness with a japanese flavour.
Create an illustration (print or tee version) that not only showcases some seriously awesome splatter effects, but also reflects the wonderfully enigmatic fun-land that is japan..

Open for entries over the next 2 weeks…so get on board splatter kids!!

Anyone want to co-host with us?

Hi everybooooooody
i LOVE pirates. i noticed there were no existing groups so i decided to apply to create one… im already the host of another group splatter smudge smear & drip and i also asked radically talented jumpy to co-host pirates with me. jumpy has never hosted before but is awesome so i KNOW he’ll be great. however i still havent heard from RB about my application and it’s been quite a few days now…. the other group (splatter) i co-host with fixtape got approved in one day. i have a simple theory about this – fixtape hosts several groups and jumpy hosts none and i host only ONE. so i think RB place a lot of importance on experience when approving new groups. i guess it doesnt matter how great the idea is, because come on – PIRATES = AWESOME…♥ don’t get me wrong i luuuurv the bubb…

*YAY* Double Feature.....w_o_w_z_e_r_s

I am very excited to find I got a double feature in the featured gallery this week… one print and one tee! the level of talent on here humbles me on a daily basis… i am constantly in awe of so many of the artists on here… and that’s no suck up i honestly mean that…the talent is just crazy!…. so this makes me all the more honoured and grateful to have some work slapped up in the gallery for all to view….thanks RB and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment.

and a special shout out to Tate © who gave me a tidy little tip for one of my tee designs today – thanks tate you rock!

What's the deal with votes and challenges....etiquette?

so.. i entered my first challenge EVER since ive been on the bubble…just to see what all the fuss was about, and it really is quite a fun idea :)
(although i think we can all see the massive and obvious flaws in the voting system which red bubble assures us they are working to rectify)

im curious on the drumming up votes etiquette… i know it is frowned upon to ‘solicit’ votes…but do people ‘spread the word’ so to speak? i mean i personally would feel kinda weird asking people to vote for my design. i mean i don’t mind putting in the description that it’s for a challenge so vote if you like it…but anything beyong that feels… pushy? but then i dont understand how other people get so many votes (sure, their design is probably just better than mine!… haha… but that aside how are those designe…

just sold TWO SHIRTS!! thankyou mystery buyer..

oh when is red bubble going to throw privacy to the wind and let us KNOOOW who bought our wares?!

haha, i was just about to log off the bubble (it’s friday 5pm and im leaving work…! wahoo!) and i suddenly saw the exciting sight of not ONE, but TWO t-shirt sales….(im presuming the same mystery buyer is responsible for both!)…….

happy friday everyone ! ♥♥♥

waaaheeeeeeeeeeeey yipppeeee zzzzzzzziiiiiiiiipppppp



So I stumbled across a forum tonight from the RB staff about getting your group featured section on the homepage…got very excited (as i think the splatter group just ROX) ..so i tottled off to gather up my group’s finest splattery-dripped-up wares, only to then find the forum had already been locked and was not accepting any new posts……. WELL STONE THE BLOODY CROWS. Armed with a VERY fine collection of splatter art, i could simply not recoil into the comfort of my now very stone cold tea and wear the disappointment…. i HAD to share it with you all SOMEHOW….so here it is….if you like what you see, get on over to Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip and get on board!!

NEW GROUP - Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip! GET ON BOARD!

Hi everyone – i just wanted to introduce you all to a very rad new group called
Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip

i might be a tad biast as a co-host!……but seriously if you have some drippy splattery work you should totally join and submit!! our numbers are growing but we still need YOU to share your best piece of inky painty goodness!!

the basic idea is that the work must be illustrative and prominently feature a inky/paint splatter and/or drip element of some kind…. i know there is a lot of great work out there on the bubble that fits into this category so get on over to Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip and let the drippety drip splat celebrations begin!! YEEEEAAAAAH!


Your eager Splatter host ( in conjuction with the wonderfully talen

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