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Tiffatron is a graphic designer & illustrator from Australia, inspired by Japanese pop culture, fashion, colour, rainy days and...


So I stumbled across a forum tonight from the RB staff about getting your group featured section on the homepage…got very excited (as i think the splatter group just ROX) ..so i tottled off to gather up my group’s finest splattery-dripped-up wares, only to then find the forum had already been locked and was not accepting any new posts……. WELL STONE THE BLOODY CROWS. Armed with a VERY fine collection of splatter art, i could simply not recoil into the comfort of my now very stone cold tea and wear the disappointment…. i HAD to share it with you all SOMEHOW….so here it is….if you like what you see, get on over to Splatter, Smudge, Smear & Drip and get on board!!

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