Blessed I Am

Today I came to realize how blessed I truly am when a gentleman came into my office inquiring about work. He was a tall distinguished man who was quite obviously a senior citizen. Neat and pressed were his clothes, his shoes had a fresh coat of polish, he was quite articulate when he spoke. His hands were narled from years of hard work. I said to myself, “Why would this man need a job”.

Then he told me of how he had worked in the city of Calgary for most of his life, of the long hours of shiftwork and overtime, and how he had come west with his wife to retire.
We chatted and learned that the recent turn of events with the economy and the volatile markets had nearly wiped out most of his retirement investments and savings. He and his wife were now living with their children which to him was not right, and he was deeply embarrassed having to rely on their " charity" and hated being " kept".

I asked this man what kind of work he was looking for. To my question he replied, " I will take anything that you have, any shift, any amount of hours. I am nearly 80 and I need to go out to work again to provide for my wife and myself. We both thought after working our whole lives and saving that we would be prepared for retirement. It just goes to show you never can tell what is around the corner".

Now everyday I get calls from prospective employees who want to work full time, but can not work nights, weekends only certain hours each day , must be able to golf and go to quilting classes twice a week, and for the most part I do my best to accomodate my employees requests, but now before me was a man who was over 45 years my senior and was willing to work any shift that I could possibly give him.

It was then that I realized how sad our times are getting when a man who has worked hard his whole life is now forced to go back into the workforce, and how picky people have become about when and how they will work. It makes you wonder what the future will be like.

I also began to think about how lucky I am with a healthy and happy family, a job, a home and the will and determination to make the best of what ever may come around the corner.

And I am certain that my new employee will too.

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