What a year!

Another year has gone by, rather crazy one, with a lot of changes, ups and downs… Lets stick to the positives here, and being for a year on RB is definitely one of them :)

I am not very meticulous when it comes to keeping track of features, top 10, or challenge wins, but never the less I enjoy each and every one of them when they happen and as they happen.

Let me brag for a bit now…

My most viewed photo with more than 600 views:

I took this photo with my old point-and-shoot more than 2 years ago. It just proves that it’s not the camera etc… etc… Also, even though I prefer colored photos and don’t have that many black and white ones in my RB portfolio, this black and white image seems to be the most popular one among RB community!

My most favorited photo:

This image was also taken with my point-and-shoot over 2 years ago. High five to the Canadian Prairies!

Only a few months ago I upgraded to a DSLR and love it! :)

Recently I started a new group Ontario . Please drop by and join, either to participate or just to watch.

Thank YOU all my RB friends for making this year a blast here! It wouldn’t be the same without YOU :)))

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