beautiful men and woman

Now that ive got everybodies attention.
Very warm welcome to Christiaan Art Gallerie, sit back and enjoy my world of paintings.
Im new in this and, so i need people to see me and help me make a decent living.Advice is also welcome aswell as critic.Years ago when someone would tell me that he/she has a passion for a certain thing, i would think, how can someone have a passion for a certain thing, if there are alot of things and hobbies etc. to do in life! And then, i ask myself: What is passion in my life? Well i had alot of passions i thought, and had to decide on which one i like the best, because all my passions took to much time, and left me frustrated. I always know that i love to paint, but i didnt thought much of my paintings and as the time passes, i got better and i developed a certain style. And now i cant wait to do the next painting, and i know now what passion is. I think if you found passion in life then your on the right track. I believe that the beauty of art is good for the sanity of the mind,. You can escape from the present for perhaps the moment and travel to another world. It enables expression of the soul, the urge to be free of all bounds. Encourages exploration. Reflects our perceptions, our values and emotional reaction towards the paintings we creat. My inspiration and earliest backround was as a child. Born in the beautiful South Africa, appreciate the arts and nature. Attended the Highschool of Hopetown in the heart of the most awesome Karoo. Find painting as a enormes therapy, love to creat paintings with oil colours, seascapes, people and landscapes.
So please this is my passion and if you like my work, please buy at least a postcart.
Thank you and blessings.
Christiaan Art Amandasig South Africa
Feel free to contact me
027(12) 846637884

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