NEBULA JOURNAL~Lyrics have reached 3067

Warp speed 3, 3067

Our lyrics have finally reached the Earthling, everyone in the shuttle is so excited! And get this, “BOXTOX DID HIS FIRST RYME!” You should have seen Cloey when he got on the cyb. Of course the brothers were talkin mess, Chipmonk is gets really emotional, I mean Hip Hop is religion to him, along with me too but he really hates MTV! I don’t blame him, but I always remind him that if it were not for MTV we wouldn’t have received all those Earth frequencies about the Earth’s style of music. But but he still hates MTV. At least they don’t still play that horrible Madonna type crap like they do on the planet Clemotron. Well that’s it for now, we are going to work on some more songs.

“7th Son out”

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