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We are finally off, “GETTING THESE DAM ROBOTS ORGANIZED IS MURDER!” So we got XR16, Chipmonk, his brother Niff, Boxtox and somehow Cloey got on board. It’s going to take 10.5 lightyears to reach Earth, hope it doesn’t shock them (the Earthlings) too much. I wonder if the V’s got there already… Can’t let them accomplish their plan. This Pulsar1180 is pretty nifty; just enough room for us and most importantly, it fits the Mecca Z90 in the back. The Earthlings are really gonna big bang out when they see that machine. I’m sure they will be flying them soon. Well we are all trapped in this space shuttle for a good 1000 plus years so we mind as well jam to some tunes; I happen to catch some soundwaves on the way (65 years worth to be exact).

“Hey, guess what” we all decided to make one of those Hip albums everyone on Nebula talks about. Well, I figure, we have all it takes to make one: Boxtox on programming, XR on the beats (though he cannot talk) and the Clemotite brothers provide just pure entertainment. We have already given the Earthling our ideas for the album and he should be putting together an album cover by now. I wonder what year it is there. Cleoy thinks it is around 2006 in Earth years. man, why did she get assinged to this mission, all she does is flirt with me, saying that Nebula girls are the best. I mean, they have six arms man! But I’m not nearly curious. Well I guess that’s it for now, our musical soundwave should have reached the Earthling by now, we will send the lyrics soon.

7th Son out…

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“7th Son double album release 2008”

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