7th Son’s Album~"The Deliverer of Messages"~release 2008

A spaceship lands on Earth. After 2 days the commander chooses to finally speak to the people of Earth. Every television station around the world broadcasts the speech live. When the commander of the ship speaks, it is transmitted (through satellite) in every language necessary. The message he has for Earth is that they (the Aliens) have come to put Earth on trial. They have watched people kill each other and commit terrible crimes. So they decided to come do something about it. They came to find one man who would represent Earth and speak for the planet. 2 days ago they received a sound wave that brought a great deal of interest to them. It was music created 20 years ago! And it took that long for the sound waves to reach them. The commander of the ship decided to appoint the person whomever made the music to be the representer for Earth. He announced that the man was called 7th Son. The Aliens have decided to give 7th Son only 24 hours to make an Album and defend Earth. If they are not satisfied with the outcome, “They will destroy Earth!” The 7th Son accepted the responsibility and took on the mission. He only asks of one favor: for great artist to be resurrected and help with the album, such as John Lennon, 2Pac, Easy E, Curtis Mayfield, Bauch, Chubby Checker, Dina Washington and many other great artists from many many years ago. “And the wish was granted!” Once finished, the whole album will be played worldwide via satellite. Will the 7th Son save the Earth or does man deserve to parish? Listen and see! Unlike your regular music albums that are song listed as side A and Side B; 7th Son’s album will be listed in Acts (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 and so on. 7 acts in all). Because of the storyline of this album, it must be done that way. This way you are not just listening to a Hip Hop album but watching a movie within your mind and ears. The album is filled with prophecies, predictions, faith, tears and laughter. It’s a must buy even if it takes you 5 years to understand it. The outline of this album is purely original so please, “NO BITERS!!!”

Copyright Indigo Messiah Records 2008

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