Thomas Murphy

Whitefish Bay, United States

I have a passion for capturing images of Wisconsin’s natural beauty and a commitment to not let that beauty fade from existence. I enjoy...

About My Artwork

About My Artwork

You are going to find something a lot different about the items you purchase from my collection. They have long lasting appeal! In other words they do not end up being like smudge on the wall over time. None of my abstracts are meaningless. Your mind will resonate with your heart. They are not odd looking sketches from a muted perspective; to the contrary they are vibrant and full of life. Uniquely designed pictures with a higher than luxury feel to them! They are abstracted from a oneness of self and subject matter. That abstraction will immediately draw you into a oneness with the works of art. A surrealistic impression without the separation and the meanings you experience will not be objectionable. Details of meaning are found in the harmony of the whole piece of work. They are not reproduced facades of a ghost like culture.
I am confident that you will like my productions so much that you will feel compelled to add to your collection of my work of high quality representations of familiar forms that are uniquely expressed. When you view an artwork of mine you will never feel that you are limited to two dimensions; the third dimension of space that connects you to the artwork will be established.
Created with love,
Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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