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The Metal Flower- a story about one of my paintings

The Metal Flower

She ruled for a very long time on this earth and was smugly satisfied with her role.

Many men indeed became like her and the cold hollow voice that whispers in the wind and mocks goodness.

Her fault was that she cared little for where she lived as her realm was the howling of the spirit world, because that is from where she governed.

She awoke one summer morning and noticed that flowers no longer bloomed. She missed their beauty in her dying world. She summoned and enslaved all remaining men and women on earth and with the daunting fear of persecution and death she commanded them, “Construct a Metal Flower for me!”

When some refused the coldness of her froze them solid and the howling gale force of her voice then eroded them to dust.

But bitterly she continued on her quest to create beauty in the world to replace what was no more. And Metal Flower was completed.

She awoke and looked outside as the sun reflected on its shimmering petals and stalk. Only the finest Gold and Silver plating were the showcase finish of her “Metal Flower.”

Once again she was pleased and stated aloud to all on earth she governed, “I have conceived great beauty again on earth. I have brought you my creation of Metal Flower.”

Her wind made rising and falling tones that creaked as it blew over the petals and stem of Metal Flower and she declared of them , “Music to my ear’s!,” and further rejoiced with her new found talent of song.

The next day she awoke to a freezing world. All the water on the earth had flash frozen solid in preparation for drift redevelopment of the earth. The true God of creation had returned and had taken one look at her and what she had done. And commanded, “May ‘Metal Flower’ remain unharmed as all around you it tilled anew, by the mammoth glaciers of my tears- from your coldness.”


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