Thomas Murphy

Whitefish Bay, United States

I have a passion for capturing images of Wisconsin’s natural beauty and a commitment to not let that beauty fade from existence. I enjoy...

Abstract Valley

Abstract Valley

A glacier approached the She Spirit as she stood admiring creation, the gigantic Metal Flower. “I must do something quickly or the glacial drift will destroy my creation!”

Aloud she said, “The God of creation has forsaken me. He now wants to destroy my ‘Metal Flower’!”
“What can I do to preserve its beauty!” she asked herself.
With the hand of her wind she uprooted ‘Metal Flower’ and then she road it like a sleigh.

In the wake of her sleigh many grey chasms were carved.
Her solitude on the earth was now echoed by the thrill of her till as she heard the sound form the death of her tines circle around the earth to greet her again.

She rejoiced in screeching wretched happiness as she rode her ‘Metal Flower’ sleigh that was brought to a deadening dullness on earth.
She stood up and looked around her and saw that she had ruined ‘Metal Flower’!

Then her spirit shrieked and imploded. The entropy from it flowed chaotically in the hollow and void ashen grey crevices that had formed as she rode the beauty of Her creation.

Its thin stream of ash seemed to be searching frantically and inescapably in the gravity that bound it, lost to the horizon!
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Thomas Paul Murphy
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