observations of singapore... an introduction

so i thought i’d jot down a few random thoughts about life (so far) in singapore. written from an ex-pat’s point of view, admittedly, but hopefully not one of those ex-pats you read about in those gaudily illustrated airport pass-the-waiting-time short story books…

this is meant to be read by the rebubble GP, but as i know it won’t be, it can serve as a, well, ‘journal’ i guess, for me. haha.

hopefully also these thoughts won’t be just a collection of bitchy “it’s not the same as home” rants… although i fear some of those observations are bound to creep in at some stage!

firstly, the heat. and humidity. what’s that line at the opening of graham greene’s a quiet american? look it up. that’s what i’m talking about. at least, unlike brisbane, it’s relatively easy to escape from the H&H here. not that you always want to. i love waking up in the morning with the slight residual chill of air-con in the room, knowing that when you step outside the bedroom a wall of warm moist air is going to hit you. like stepping instantly from city mode to rainforest mode.

the same applies when leaving the lab for lunch or a coffee… given my poor circulation at the extremities of my body (despite getting better jobs and higher pay, there are actually some disadvantages to being tall…), the air-con tends to freeze my toes. seriously. having the feeling return when they’re enveloped by the steam bath outside is bliss.

…next episode: red tape and how to deal with it (or not).

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