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Ryan Carter is a photographer from Adelaide, Australia. He travels extensively and specializes in Commercial, Portrait and Travel...

Stock Photography Part II

Well, as you may know, I recently started selling my photos as royalty free stock on several different stock sites. I don’t know how many other RedBubblers are also doing the same, but i was finding it quite hard to organise photos to remember what sites I had submitted what photos too, what photos had been accepted and rejected from what site etc etc etc. If you also are a stock photographer, I’m sure you have come across this before!

Quite a headache!

Anyway, I had been using Adobe Lightroom to help try and organise things into some sort of order, and then I stumbled accross a program called Pro Stock Master. This has turned out to be extrodinarily useful, not only to catalogue my “Stock worthy” photos and to record what ive submitted where etc, but it also works like an FTP client and uploads everything for me. It also includes a great keywording feature that helps make keywording ALOT easier and faster! A very useful program. Anyway, I thought as I had found it so useful, so may some of you.

There is a free trial, which is unlimited and works just like the full version except only allows 5 uploads per day. I started with this free trial, but soon found i would want the full version, so I bought it and haven’t looked back.

The stock sites I am apart of are:
123 Royalty Free
Can Stock Photo
Big Stock Photo

and this program works great with these and several others also.

It sure has taken a lot of wasted time out of my workflow, and made things a heck of a lot less confusing.

Click on the link Pro Stock Master. to check it out for yourself.

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