My 1st Journal entry!

Hi to all who read this!
I am not normally one to write in my journal, on here or on other sites where I show my work.
I usually struggle to think of ways in which to express myself with words as well as with my camera….lol, but I just wanted to say that the quality of and standard of images that are submitted on Redbubble are of a totally different calibre to those that I see on other sites such as Deviant Art….maybe its due to the fact that DA is so huge and its hard to find the good stuff? I dunno but it is amazing how nice people are and the talent on here.

I have been on DA since last May (when I bought my 1st proper camera) and I have had support and comments etc but in the short time I have been on RB (only just started to upload in the last 2 months) I think I may have received more comments and favourites that I have had on DA.

One thing that I am struggling with (as loads of people do) is making any money out of it.
In all the time I have been on DA I have never sold a thing….and nor have I here!
I know I am new to this so that’s not so bad and I treat every time I take a photograph as a lesson but its still hard when I see so many people making a little money out of it.

In a nut shell I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips or suggestions on ways to sell on RB…is it my key wording… titles or are my photographs not up to scratch?

I promise you that this is not an attempt to gain more support or to get people feeling sorry for me, it’s genuinely just me asking for advice.

On a positive note I have sold 9 big prints recently to friends which has given me a boost so its not all woe is me…lol.

Anyway I have to get back to my boring office job.

Thanks if you read this.


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