Back Up/@them

I ended up having tonsillitis last week. So I cancelled my flights to Sydney. I was most pleased when my GP told me to rebook as I should go and take photos :) I think with pressures at work and with exam study and my resubmission of an essay from my master’s subject from last year it was a well needed break.

Thanks to Ritika, Aparna, Sue, Susan, Deepak, Kenneth, Sonia and Ellen for your time – it was nice to catch up. Kenneth, I think we will avoid Parramatta for Chinese food next time. And Aparna… I’m not so sure Surry Hills is the Sydney Fitzroy… but it sure has a LOT of Indian food. Grocery shopping was also fun. Ritz… thanks for your time and help. Sue… we will see you soon. S and D… don’t argue till I get there next. :)

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