Weekend Here, Thank You

I was on call last night (Friday). Not too bad, and I got out at about 11, which is good. And I didn’t get called back during the night. But boy, was I tired. I slept from around 12.40 am till about 2pm today. Drove to my folks place, built my Jerker desk (I love those desks – I amassed a collection of bits and pieces that fit into them and brought them from Perth).

I have a 4000 word essay to resubmit for uni, and a week to do it. As next week is another hell week (study group mon, photo class tues, home wed, free thurs… and on call friday again) I better try get it done tonight.

I’ve reworked a decent amount so I am getting there. I have three thick books to read through though…

I have two things on tomorrow that I doubt I can make at this stage. It’s the Hindu festival of Holi (where people throw coloured powder on each other in glee), which is on at the Hindu Temple in Carrum Downs (pretty damn far away); and a bunch of work buddies are meeting to see a movie and then psychoanalyse it. We are actually planning expressly do to the latter as apparently it is “that kind of movie”.

Get essay done. Fast.

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